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MLA for Emerson
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Driving home from the ranch and spotted smoke in the pasture after thunder storm passed. No rain lighting strike started a fire. Very dry. Lucky no cattle hit.

@MsBehavior Love banana bread with lots of real butter

One of the many exceptional graduates to at Roseau Valley School Brendan Spence the winner of the Cliff Graydon leadership award. What a proud day for me as his grandpa and I went York in the oilfields on the early Sixties. Congrats Brendan

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Roseau ValleySchool graduation today happy to throw their caps and celebrate 13 years of education. Very proud to attend and participate in the ceremonies. Great leaders in the making.

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@pottercharolais Fed up and comfortable after breakfast. Looks great 👍

@rpbrunel @PioneerSeeds @daveboe1 Definitely knee hi by the first of July. Looking good.

@BRinYWG Name them the good lord doesn't respect a coward

@falkfarms1 You'd have to make it snappy 🤠

@thomas9317 @BradCober Rainbow 🌈 in the morning sailors be warned rainbow at nite sailors delight according to my late mother

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