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MLA for Emerson
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@BRinYWG Name them the good lord doesn't respect a coward

@falkfarms1 You'd have to make it snappy 🤠

@thomas9317 @BradCober Rainbow 🌈 in the morning sailors be warned rainbow at nite sailors delight according to my late mother

Proud grandparents at the graduation of the first grand child. So proud of you @BaileyGraydon. You've don't a great job with a positive attitude. We love ❤️ you dearly.

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@WayneEwaskoMLA Thx my friend and I know we have our memories

@aaronfaurschou In the words of my wise dad " I've spent my whole life making friends why would I want to start making enemies now. 🤠

@Schrades15 And so lucky they look like their mother. Sure are pretty you've a right to be proud.

@WayneEwaskoMLA I do every year as I lost him on his birthday and Father's Day. 😪

@CharlieDaniels That is beautiful have a great Father's Day from Canada 🇨🇦

@mtmdiamond @shurmanator That would be a great Father's Day gift from a respectful son.

@Min_Eichler Very devastating storm after a lot of hard work and expectations.

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