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MLA for Emerson
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@10Kuder @JohnMasswohl Look after Canada and then we can help other that need or want help.

@erindawnjackson @HighBluff_SF Nice bulls great hospitality and great coffee. Mr. Jackson you're very wise to send the girls and u stay home.

@3_putt I shut the light off and am rolling over

@jcalder1983 @plowwife It's Irish cream I didn't know it was alcohol but does improve the coffee. Jump start the day.

@3_putt No gain without pain you could be outa blood check it out.

@3_putt Then go to the doctor 👨‍⚕️ and don't waste any time

@3_putt Go see a doctor or call Cropo funeral home 🏡 just make sure ur insurance policy is paid up so the maid won't have to work so hard

@Chris__Sumner Very poor driving conditions from Fargo to Emerson in the red river valley right now

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