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MLA for Emerson
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@MartinforMorris @jtw_cdn Jimmy has trouble with those voices in his head

@rpbrunel Remember and cherish the good times

@MsBehavior You need to get out more, perhaps there will be another by election soon or take up golfing 🏌️‍♀️

@ASigndoc Two things Bob Lagassé is not, he isn't a lier or a bullshitter and if people didn't have a hearing impairment they would hear 👂 him speak

@hsiemens Wow the worlds coming to a end name the day start a pool 🏊

@globeandmail @globepolitics Rubbish out of the mouths of desperate Libs trying to maintain power at all cost to the health of all Canadians @libfolly

@DavidMcLA @Min_Friesen No reason to legalize it in the first place if you can't control policing it now #dreamon@libfolly.

@DavidMcLA They should just stop ✋ reconsider a vote buying announcement that will be impossible to police 🚨 and endanger many young people #wakeup

@Brian_Pallister @RossRomaniuk Nice bike and no hooks for pulling when the camera is on. Good on you and no flats?????

@mtmdiamond Thx Micheal you don't always get to pick ur sons. #myjewishson have a good day eating beef

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