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MLA for Emerson
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@BRinYWG Condolences from my family to yours so sorry to hear, our thoughts and prayers are with you

@Min_Squires Trying to find a date for your son lol 😂

@MsBehavior I agree ☝️ but some has to pay the up keep a tough balance to say the least

@AlanLagimodiere A great project to help those that are disadvantaged, keep up the good work

@upthecreekcattl I had shorthorn before u were born and then grew up and now have money makers CHAROLAIS

@upthecreekcattl No antlers you've enough good meat 🍖

@MartinforMorris @jtw_cdn Jimmy has trouble with those voices in his head

@rpbrunel Remember and cherish the good times

@MsBehavior You need to get out more, perhaps there will be another by election soon or take up golfing 🏌️‍♀️

@ASigndoc Two things Bob Lagassé is not, he isn't a lier or a bullshitter and if people didn't have a hearing impairment they would hear 👂 him speak

@hsiemens Wow the worlds coming to a end name the day start a pool 🏊

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